“Every day young girls are relentlessly bombarded with images and messages in the media telling them that in order to be noticed, they have to wear less, say less, and be less than they were meant to be.”
~ Tasra Dawson, VISION

The Teen Identity Network is a growing movement of photographers, filmmakers and visual artists who desire to change the way teen girls see and feel about themselves. There are many organizations fighting to raise the awareness of negative images of women in media, imagery that profoundly affects how teen girls see themselves. The Teen Identity Network is unique in that we’re not just raising awareness among the audience, we’re engaging the IMAGE MAKERS themselves to change the media.

Through photography, video, fashion and media, we are empowering and giving a voice to teen girls across the nation and the world. We also want to empower aspiring and professional photographers to improve their craft and expand their business by partnering with this worthy cause. Network members get access to coaching, free resources and training to help them improve their craft and business.


Here’s what one teen girl said after she experienced a Teen Identity presentation:

“You have inspired me to look at myself in a different light. In the past year I haven’t liked what I saw in the mirror and would shy away from them in rooms but when I came home today I looked at myself from a different perspective. One of beauty and happiness. Thank you so much for giving me back a little piece of myself.”

You can help us do the same for teen girls everywhere.


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  1. Thanks for the initiative!

    I have 4 daughters myself, and slightly understand the pressure they are under. Let me if and how I can help in my region. I am not strong on high-school senior, my emphasis is weddings, but I would like to help if I can.


    marco antonio

    • Hi Marco,
      Thanks for your comment. By far the best way you can help our cause is to join the network and become a member. Click the “Join” button to learn more.

      Ron Dawson
      Teen Identity
      Marketing & Media Development Guy

  2. i love this web i would like to be apart of it

  3. This is WONDERFUL!… I have had alot of fun taking photos of girls in my area and making them feel special!…
    I will be clicking on the “Join” link next!

  4. This is really the 4th blog post, of urs I really read through.
    Although I actually like this 1, “Teen Identity Network | Change Lives.
    Build Your Business. Improve Your Craft.” the very
    best. All the best -Myrtle