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Meet the Team – Part 4 of 4

Today we have the fourth and final installment of our “Meet the Team” videos. In it Sloane, Ally, and Niki share their thoughts on fave singers, TV shows, movies, and what makes a girl truly beautiful. This episode also has some big name celebrity guest star appearances, so you DON’T want to miss it.

These “Meet the Team” videos are a perfect example of what we do with our True Beauty Model Program. Giving teen girls an opportunity to express their voice in a way that builds their self-esteem and confidence, while encouraging other teen girls at it.


Meet the Team – Part 3 of 4

This is part 3 in our series of videos introducing you to the girls on our local Teen Identity team who are helping us change the world. Most of these girls are our senior portrait clients. They are part of our “True Beauty Model Program” which is our ambassador marketing program: where you get your senior portrait clients to help market your business to their friends. Some studios call them “models.” Some use the term “street team.”

The True Beauty Model Program

We’ve taken our street team concept to a whole new level. The girls are more than just marketing reps for us. We get them more involved with special photo and/or video projects that give back to the community and address important issues all teen girls face. We’re now getting girls applying to be “True Beauty Models” from literally all over the world.

Meet the Teen Identity Team – Part 2 of 4

We want you Network members to see and hear the voices of the girls who represent a generation of teens. To share with you their vision for a changed world where the pressures to look a certain way no longer have the negative hold on teen girls that they do. That’s why we share these videos with you. Here’s part 2. Enjoy.

Meet the Teen Identity Team – Part 1 of 4

First in a series of videos where you’ll meet the Teen Identity team and models here at TI HQ. In this episode we meet Whitney, Katherine, and Imahni. We learn that Lucky Charms are good for you (huh?), Frosted Mini Wheats can talk to you (double huh?), and society has a thing or two to learn about “true” beauty.