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ABC News – Too Sexy Too Soon Video

ABC ran a very insightful, eye-opening, and educational piece on the role of the fashion industry on tween girls (ages 8-12). More and more fashion trends are become extremely provocative and girls younger and younger are wanting to wear clothes covering less and less. The video says that some critics are calling it Corporate Pedophilia. But when you consider that the tween market represents $43 billion, it’s no wonder companies are doing all they can to reach that market.

We’re doing our best to affect change, but I must admit, it does seem daunting. We are thankful for those of you who have joined us in this ongoing battle for the hearts and minds of our teen (and tween) girls.

Click the image below to watch the video on ABCs site. It’s definitely worth it! (Or click here to watch it).


Everyone Needs a Coach

Legendary college football coach John Wooden.

Every successful sport legend from Michael Jordan to Barry Bonds to Emmitt Smith all had one thing in common: a coach. Someone who pushed them to reach their potential and help them stay grounded in the basics. No matter how successful you are in your business, a coach will help you reach your limit and achieve even more. Coaches have been an invaluable part of the growth of our companies, and it is why we have implemented a coaching program for all Network members.

How It Works

We have put together an amazing team of successful photographers and filmmakers who believe in the Teen Identity mission. So much so they are willing to donate some of their valuable time to help those of you who have supported this mission. They have all agreed to offer a limited number of both free and paid for coaching sessions on a first-come, first-served basis. Each session is an hour long phone call and during that time you’ll be able to pick their brains and gain valuable advice and guidance. Lifetime members have access to this great resource FREE. Monthly members get a special discounted rate of just $75/hour (these guys could all easily charge twice that for the information they provide).

Just hover your cursor over the “Coaches” link in the navigation menu to see the current list of coaches. Then scroll down and select the one you’d like to read about. The number of sessions they have left in this calendar quarter will also be listed. When you’re ready to book a session, send an e-mail to You must contact us using this e-mail to book at the special rate. Please do not contact them directly for Network related coaching services. But do feel free to contact them about their own training and/or coaching services outside of the Network.

Thanks again to those of you who support Teen Identity and our mission. We hope you’ll find this resource a valuable and useful one in growing your business. If you’d like to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, while at the same time help change the world for a generation of teen girls, then join the revolution.