Jared Bauman

For booking through the Teen Identity Network, please e-mail your request to coaches@teenidentity.com. Sessions are first-come, first-served.

Name: Jared Bauman
Website: http://www.baumanphotographers.com
Topics Covered Post Production, Sales and Marketing, General Business
Remaining free sessions this quarter for Lifetime members. 3
Remaining paid sessions this quarter for monthly members. 3

Jared Bauman is a wedding photographer in Southern California. He is the owner of Bauman Photographers, a leading studio in San Diego, CA that photographs over 200 wedding, events, and portraits yearly.
Jared is a leading speaker in the topics of business and marketing. He speaks yearly for Pictage and WPPI. In 2010, Jared launched a nationwide business and photography workshop titled “PREVAIL”, helping photographers with their business structure and photography skills.
In addition, he co-founded ShootDotEdit, the leading post production solution for wedding and portrait photographers. Jared currently facilitates Marketing and PR with ShootDotEdit, and helps the company grow in curing the pain of post production for professional photographers.


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