Maya Laurent

For booking through the Teen Identity Network, please e-mail your request to Sessions are first-come, first-served.

Name*: Maya Laurent
What topics are you willing to coach about?*: Shooting and/or lighting techniques, Post Production, Sales and Marketing, Social Media, General Business
How many FREE 1-hour coaching sessions per calendar quarter are you able to give?*: 4
How many PAID 1-hour coaching sessions per calendar quarter are you willing to give at the discount rate of $75/hour?*: 4

Maya and her husband, Patrick, started Such Great Heights Senior Photography just over a year ago. The company was started just for seniors and teens with the heart behind it to be something different giving confidence to the teens and helping them see their inner and outer beauty.

Since the start of SGH, Maya and Patrick have been sought out for advice on how to get into the senior market, how to pose all types of girls and guys and how to enhance marketing and design. Patrick is also a graphic designer and artist which brings a unique perspective to helping others with their businesses.

Maya and Patrick feel strongly that you can grow your teen and senior market by discovering who you are first and how that then translates into your business. By the use of Facebook, social media and unique events you can truly reach a broad range of high schoolers. It’s all about finding your passion and how you let it spill into your photography business.


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