René Tate

For booking through the Teen Identity Network, please e-mail your request to Sessions are first-come, first-served.

Name: René Tate
What topics are you willing to coach about?*: Shooting and/or lighting techniques, Post Production, General Business
Remaining free sessions this quarter for Lifetime members 1
Remaining paid sessions this quarter for regular members 2

Do you have a hard time interacting with your clients? Putting them at ease? Getting natural, candid images? What about the men who really don’t want to be there? I would love to walk through a shoot with you and tell you a little bit about what I do to help put my clients at ease from start to finish. I’d also love to discuss with you the way you work your shoots now and give you some critiques. I am very passionate about knowing yourself and being confident in yourself, so let’s chat about what makes you who you are and how that translates into working with your clients. Have questions about post-processing too? We can cover efficient ways of shooting and editing to free up time behind the computer!


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