Scott and Adina Hayne

For booking through the Teen Identity Network, please e-mail your request to Sessions are first-come, first-served.

Name: Scott & Adina Hayne
Topics Covered Shooting and/or lighting techniques, Post Production, Sales and Marketing, Social Media, General Business
Remaining free sessions this quarter for Lifetime members 3
Remaining paid sessions this quarter for regular members. 3

Inspiring and fresh are what describes Scott & Adina both personally and professionally. There is such a need for artists that not only inspire other photographers but also the many teenage girls that they photograph daily. Scott & Adina seek to encourage and challenge teens and other photographers through their strong marriage and love of their craft. Making a difference that will last a lifetime in the lives of the next generation – such a responsibility & honor! Change the way you shoot. Change the way you do business. Scott & Adina will focus on how you and your photography can change the world and lives around you.


One response to “Scott and Adina Hayne

  1. Your style of photography has really intrigued me. I love the uniqueness!! I do not want to do the same type of photography everyone else is doing.

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