Network Badge

Welcome to the Teen Identity Network. As a member of the Network in good standing, you have the right to display on your website(s) or blog(s) the Teen Identity Network Member bade. This logo communicates to your clients that you are committed to providing an experience that will uplift and edify your teen clients in a way that respects their minds, their bodies, and their spirit.


We suggest displaying the badge in a conspicuous, yet unobtrusive location on your home page. Many photographers and filmmakers put such membership badges along the bottom. You could also place it on your About page or your Contact page. The idea is that you want visitors to your site to know right away about your Network membership. That is the best way for you to benefit from the brand recognition.

Link to the .NET Site

Please link your badge to this site. Nothing on this site links to your competition, so there’s no need to worry about your clients finding other photographers. However, we believe that if your clients and their parents see what the Network is all about, that will give further credibility and credence to your membership.


You may want to include a page in your site that is dedicated to your Network membership and how you’re involved. Or you may want to just provide some additional information on your About page. Here’s the copy you should use.

We are a member of the Teen Identity Network, a national network of professional photographers and filmmakers invested in learning how we can use our art to raise the self-esteem and confidence of every teen girl. Through our membership we get resources and education that not only raises the quality of our craft, but helps provide an amazing, confidence-building experience for our clients.


Teen Identity will grant all Network members in good standing a non-exclusive, world-wide license to use the Teen Identity Network Member Logo (“Logo”) on their website(s). Teen Identity reserves the right to revoke or repeal the license usage rights at any time.

This is the only allowed use of the Teen Identity brand and logo. Naming your program, model sessions, model program, photo sessions or any other aspect of your business after Teen Identity or copying or using similar language for your slogan is not acceptable use.

You are allowed to extract the white from the badge and create an alpha channel if that is best suited for your site. However, no other changes to the badge or the logo is allowed. You may display the badge smaller than it’s natural size, as long as the words are still reasonably legible under a screen resolution of 1280 pixels wide. The Teen Identity logo and Network Member badge are trademarks of Dare Dreamer Media Inc. All rights reserved.

Ctrl-click or right-click on image to save to your computer.


2 responses to “Network Badge

  1. This is Fabulous! I have taken the pledge and am displaying the network badge. I am hoping to team up with a new non-profit organization to help teens in an after school program.

  2. I’m so glad I came across this network. I have always wanted to do something good for teens. I’m taken the pledge today and I hope I can do amazing things !

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