The Teen Identity Photographers Pledge is a commitment that you, as a photographer or visual artist, will uphold the ideals of Teen Identity to the best of your ability. By “signing” the pledge, your name or studio and link will be added to a growing list of visual artists who join you in this commitment.

Why should you sign?

  • Connect with a movement committed to providing an affirming experience for teen girls and their parents.
  • Instill confidence in your clients about the type of images that will be taken of their daughters.
  • Improve site visibility and SEO with your links.

Sign” the pledge on the TI Mag website.


4 responses to “Pledge

  1. I do photos on location for seniors, families, special events, and weddings. I have been trained in Chicago to photograph children and adults with special needs.

  2. I do location sessions and work from a studio, my main client are teens and families. I encourage teens to explore who they are through their photographs and we create a session that they will be able to look back and know that is who and what they were all about when they were young.

  3. I’m so glad i came across this!!!! I think girls of all ages need to be empowered and feel amazing!!

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