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Pink’s “Perfect” Proves Our Point

Pink is a singer who is no stranger to controversy. Her “rough around the edges,” bad-girl look and style I’m sure would scare many parents. But, there’s a theme running though much of her work, that although may ruffle some feathers, also has a powerful message.

Her latest single “F**kin’ Perfect” is a powerfully moving video about a girls journey to learn how to love who she is. In four minutes you can see the whole gamut of emotions and situations teen girls go through, starting from very little. Bullying. Self-esteem. Comparison. Self-loathing. Rebellion. And it deals with another serious issue, cutting and teen suicide. I was moved to tears watching it. Here’s an excerpt from Teen Identity team member Imahni who wrote about the video for TeenIdentityMag.com.

P!nk thinks you are perfect. Everyone here at Teen Identity thinks you are perfect. We love you. Yes, you who are are reading this right now. Can you think the same about yourself? Can you change the way you view yourself so that the first adjectives that come to your mind when describing yourself are- “Beautiful, Wonderful, Special, Loved, and Perfect.”

This is the message we’re trying to get to teen girls through the work we’re doing. To change how they see themselves. With sexually degrading videos by Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and others getting millions of views, we’re happy (and encouraged) to see a video like this get millions of views too.

Here’s the clean version of the video. Enjoy. Be moved. And go make a difference.