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Teen Identity Mag Launches New Show

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new show on TeenIdentityMag.com. It’s called “2 Minutes with Taylor.” It’s a kind of variety show starring one of our Teen Identity team members, Taylor Smith. For months we’ve been planning to create original content for the online magazine that will get teen girls coming back again and again. This benefits them (a positive and entertaining alternative to what’s currently being marketed to teen girls) and it will benefit our Network members as traffic to the site increases.

At first glance, the show may not seem like much. Just a girl talking to the camera with a colorful background. However, based on our research of shows that have huge followings on YouTube, we think this has great potential. Shows like juicystar07, iJustine, kevjumba, and perhaps the most popular YouTube channel of all NigaHiga . Three key essentials we’ve noticed are

  1. Relatability
  2. Simplicity
  3. Comedy

We should state that it is not our goal to become an uber-Tuber. It would be great if we ended up with hundreds of thousands (or even tens of thousands) of views. But, we’re doing this because we sincerely want to create a slate of shows for teen girls that is truly a positive alternative.

Keep up to date with all the Teen Identity shows at our YouTube channel or subscribe to them in iTunes.