TI Mag Submission

So you’ve created an amazing video, photo essay or article you think would be a great submission for the Teen Identity Mag Online, the positive alternative for teen girls. Well, this is the place to let us know. Use the form below to submit. Here are the rules:

  1. This benefit is only available to Teen Identity Network members (monthly, yearly or Lifetime) in good standing. Click here if you want to learn more about joining the Network.
  2. The content of the material must be in good standing with Teen Identity’s ideals of raising self esteem, positive portrayals of women in media, breaking negative stereotypes, etc. There cannot be any content that would be deemed as lude or objectionable.
  3. It is not an opportunity to display your latest client photo shoot. That’s for your blog. We may from time to time, by our discretion, highlight Network member studios, but that is on rare occasions and for special circumstances.
  4. Examples of qualifying submissions include: photo shoots of teen girls helping with worthy causes; articles written by you or your team about topics that would appeal to teen girls; etc.
  5. Teen Identity has full discretion in which submissions we post or don’t post. Often times when and if a submission gets posted is dependent on our own internal schedule of articles and posts. Another key factor is quality of work. Particularly if you submit a video, special attention needs to be paid to production value and quality.

Use the form below for your submission. If you’ve created a video, we suggest using YouTube, Vimeo or blip.tv. Where applicable, insert the url of the video (e.g. http://vimeo.com/12273559). If you have a series of photos you’d like us to use, put the URL of the website where we can get the photos. Please make them optimized for the web—100k or less with and no greater than 600 pixels on the long side. Article submissions must be 200-750 words. If you have any questions, contact Ron Dawson ron@teenidentity.com.


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